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Amy's Place Patron Donations Used to Adopt Two Turkeys! | News

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Amy's Place Patron Donations Used to Adopt Two Turkeys!

This year start a new tradition, with donations from Amy's Place two turkeys, so far, have been adopted through Farm Sanctuary's "Turkey Express Adoption Event." For $30 you can adopt any one of six turkeys available for the event. You can also sponsor a turkey for a small monthly donation, and there are many turkeys to choose from should you decide to do that. You can sponsor any animal on the farm, in fact, and in doing so, you can schedule special tours just to meet and enjoy that animals company. I just returned from a volunteer party at the shelter, and was thrilled to spend extra time with both Brooklyn, an older goat, rescued after being found wandering the streets in, you guessed it, Brooklyn NY. And Bob Harper, a piglet rescued after taking a leap of faith, and a leap that saved his life, off of a transport truck, headed to a "finishing farm." I was smothered with piggy kisses from both Bob, and Kim Gordon piglet, and I must say, there is no greater joy than getting kisses in return for belly rubs. We also got to spend time with Gloria, visiting her is the highlight to each of my trips to the farm. And the sheep, we just sat, for probably a half an hour, petting the sheep and giving them well deserved hugs.

With the donations from Amy's Place we adopted Daphne, and Velma, two very sweet turkeys that live at Farm Sanctuary. By clicking on their names you can read more about their rescue. Both Daphne, and Velma, are so very sweet, all of the turkeys at the farm are. When I first visited in May 2010 I met a tom named Echo, and he flirted, his show was more impressive than any muscle bound tight shirted male at a bar! He fluffed his feathers and strutted in front of me, he changed the color of his snood from red to a baby blue, and he puffed as if to say "Ladies ladies, look at me, I'm beautiful, share share, no need to fight ladies" in what I imagine, if he had a voice, would be very suave. Kima, another turkey, available through the express adoption event, is quite possibly the sweetest animal you'll ever meet. She'll sit right on your lap and turkey purr, she trusts enough to let you pet the delicate skin beneath her wing. How she trusts, I am unsure, but she does. She has forgotten what other humans have done, and she's left it behind, now Kima knows only love, and caring. Her ability, all of the animals at the farms ability to forgive humans their greed and betrayal of trust takes my breath away. It warms my heart.

Every year thousands of turkeys lose their lives, literally and figuratively, to a tradition that dates back, sadly, far too many years. Turkeys today that end up on the dinner table never have lives, they live in the dark, over crowded, and they are mutilated to increase the number of animals that can be stored in an area. They grow from poults to adults in less than 2 months with bones that can barely support their weight, and breasts so large they can not balance, and often many die before they are sent to slaughter because they can not reach food or water.

Please, this year, start a new tradition. Save a life instead of taking one. 

all of the pictures you see are from Farm Sanctuary, as is the video. To see more please visit Farm Sanctuary's website.


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