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"Safe" Return... to Slaughter?! | News

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"Safe" Return... to Slaughter?!

For me, the word safe return has several obvious implications. Mainly that the animals are safe. Now pair that word with slaughter house, and I'm not sure how the two can even be in a sentence together. Were my dog to run away, his safe return to me would mean that not only was he okay at the time of his return, but that he would remain safe. Safe implies that care is taken to keep something well, at a slaughter house I imagine the only care taken is not to bloody one's socks, should their boot fill with the blood of an animal as it's hung from it's back legs, neck slit, and the blood pours. 

The only beings with the "wool pulled over their eyes" are the sad humans who made jokes and laughed at this tragedy. It's the public, and their willingness to tell themselves it's all humane, and nothing is hurt for their meal, and to NEVER ask if it is true, to simply accept that it is, with not so much as a second thought. Now if this was a story of puppies being returned to a slaughter house, surely there the jokes would stop. The public would be outraged. Tell me, what is the difference? Sheep and goats are just as smart as any dog, they're just as affectionate. They'll cuddle with you on the barn floor, just as a dog or cat would on the couch. They recognize people, and their own names, and they'll come running if you call them. 

Gloria is a resident at Farm Sanctuary, rescued from a race horse barn, where she was tethered to a wall for 7 years of her life. She had no one, not one person who cared for her. She was fed, and got water every now and then, but she was of no value to those who had their race horses there, she was simply company for the horses, nothing more. Now, Gloria runs about the farm, she has other goat friends, and she recognizes many of her care givers. She is safe, she is happy, and she knows only joy, something stripped from her life for her first 7 years. Gloria could easily have been one of the goats that tried to run to save it's own life. If, to my face, you made light of the situation, I would be furious. It would be as if you had insulted my family, or me. I love Gloria, I make it a point to visit her every single time I'm at the farm. We run together in the field, and often I'm laughing so hard my guts hurt, and I can't catch my breath. 

Now think about the fate that awaited those animals "safely" returned. They were not to be safe for long, soon, they'll all be dead. Their lives drained from them as they hang from their legs terrified, smelling the death, seeing it, all while they are completely aware of their surroundings. I have donated blood, as a donor you are not even bled out, you simply donate what your body can tolerate, and handle safely. I felt miserable afterwards. I was dizzy, nauseous, and I had my wits about me. I understood why I felt that way, and still it was not pleasant. Imagine being an animal, strung by your legs to a ceiling, and having your throat cut by the same machete that cuts thousands of throats. Your only hope is that the knife is sharp, and that you die quickly. Is this funny? Look at these pictures, all of these animals, they were all to end up on someone's plate, they all have feelings. They all have personalities. I could write a novella on the animals I have had the pleasure of meeting, all of them so similar to the animals that I share my home with. 

Imagine these animals as pets, because they all could have been. It's not funny, it's not cute to watch animals run in terror as they attempt flee the death and fear that they can all smell. They are just like the dog that lies at your feet as you read, or that cat that nuzzles your neck as you rest on the couch. Please, think about that the next time you buy a piece of muscle at the market. That muscle once worked with a series of others, in conjunction with bones and other connective tissues, those muscles made an animal. That animal had a heart  and a brain, and felt every moment of their tortured lives before their lives were taken. That animal could have been your dog. 


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