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Businesses Can Dramatically Decrease the Likelihood of Slip and Fall Incidents | Business

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Businesses Can Dramatically Decrease the Likelihood of Slip and Fall Incidents
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Businesses Can Dramatically Decrease the Likelihood of Slip and Fall Incidents

The statistics are daunting: Falls account for over eight million hospital emergency room visits annually and are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. Additionally, floors and flooring materials contribute directly to more than two million fall injuries suffered each year.

In an effort to eliminate slip and fall occurrences — and the potential for expensive lawsuits — many business owners across the country are turning to Sure Step, a non-slip treatment that can be applied to a wide variety of flooring surfaces to help prevent slip and fall incidents.

“Sure Step is a long-lasting treatment that creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and prevents slipping,” said Stephen DeMarte, owner of Nonslip Safety Solution, a Western New York-based company. “No shut down time is required, and the treatment will not change the appearance of the floor in any way. And, it’s proven to work on concrete, Spanish tile, glazed brick, terrazzo, quarry tile, ceramic tile, marble, porcelain, enamel and many other hard mineral surfaces.”

Sure Step can be used indoors or out; will not chip, peel or discolor; is not a film or a coating; and is inexpensive and highly effective. Incredibly, a walkway surface treated with Sure Step is actually safer in wet conditions than a dry, untreated surface.

“Business owners should not let their profits — or their entire business — slip away due to expensive lawsuits, employee down time or increased insurance costs,” DeMarte added. “Sure Step helps eliminate both injuries and liabilities.”

One restaurant chain owner saw a difference right away after having the flooring in his commercial kitchens treated with Sure Step.

“I have never seen anything like it,” the restaurant owner said. “Our kitchen floor was a disaster … the staff was falling all the time. I didn’t believe that your non-slip treatment would make such a difference, but the floors are no longer dangerous. Thank you!”

To learn more about Sure Step, schedule a free demonstration or to have your floors compliance tested, please contact DeMarte at (716) 560-5594 or nonslipsafetysolution@gmail.com, or sales associate James Beiler at (585) 205-3057 or safety@nonslipsafetysolution.com. You can also follow Nonslip Safety Solution on Facebook for frequent product updates.

Business, Health, News

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