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Sidewalk Snow Relief Pilot Program
Sidewalk Snow Relief Pilot Program


(Amherst, NY) The Town of Amherst is preparing for a pilot program of providing sidewalk snow relief services along segments of Maple Road and Niagara Falls Boulevard as a pilot study. The segments are Maple Road from Millersport Highway to Transit Road and Niagara Falls Boulevard from Kenmore Avenue to Betina Avenue. A letter was recently sent to all residents all these segments. These are the two roads whose residents responded positively for relief when the town polled in March 2011.

Sidewalk snow relief along these corridors remains a priority for the Town Board. The Town Highway Department will provide the service.  Property owners will not be assessed any fee for this service in their 2012 Town tax bill.  The study will evaluate the service and be used to support future decision-making. 

Property owners and occupants should note that provision of this service by the Town does not exempt them from the responsibilities of maintaining their sidewalks in proper condition of repair or free from snow or ice in accordance with the Town Code.

“We’re off to a later start than we had hoped, and we apologize for any inconvenience to property owners or occupants living along these roads.  We hope to be in position to begin clearing sidewalks by December 5th and continue through the winter until March 31, 2012,” Supervisor Barry Weinstein noted.  He continued, “The service is being provided as part of a pilot study, and the results will be used by our committee to determine how we can best assist property owners living along these major highways where maintenance of sidewalks is made more challenging by frequent snow plowing of several lanes of highway onto narrow grass panels between the curb and sidewalk.” 

The Town will be preparing to provide the service in the coming weeks by surveying the condition of sidewalks along these corridors and placing wooden stakes along sidewalks within the public right-of-way to guide plow personnel.

Property owners within these segments along Niagara Falls Boulevard and Maple Road are encouraged to check the Town Website (www.amherst.ny.us – keyword: sidewalk) for the latest information about the Scope-of-Services and the study.

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