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Justice for All?

Justice for All?

Earlier this month Jim Norman, a republican senator of Tampa, introduced a bill that would make it a first degree felony to photograph or video record any happenings on a factory farm. Why? Because the public should not know the truth about where what they eat comes from, and photo's and video's are undeniable proof of wrong doing. Where your "food" comes from should never be a secret, yet in Florida, if you seek the truth and snap a picture or video, you could be a criminal. To read more of that story, click here.

Man Calls Crime Stoppers Tip Line Asking To Buy Drugs

Erie County Sheriff Tim Howard is announcing the arrest today of two people on drug related charges after a man inadvertently contacted the Crime Stoppers tipline early this afternoon asking to be “hooked up” with some drugs.

Sr. Detective Alan Rozansky received the call around noon, answering the phone with his identifying salutation:  “Crime Stoppers”.  The caller evidently didn’t hear Rozansky and continued to ask him if he could “hook me up” with some drugs. 

Rozansky proceeded to play along with the caller and arranged a meeting in the parking lot of a restaurant at Main Street and Transit Road in Clarence a short time later.

ECSO undercover narcotics detectives arrived at the scene and questioned the suspect. Information was developed and through the course of the investigation it was determined a local woman was selling her prescription of Suboxone. 

State Police Investigating Inappropriate Touching at Clarence Town Pool

State Police say they received a call from a Clarence mom claiming that her 8-year-old son told her he was inappropriately touched by an older man, Saturday afternoon July 18, as the boy showered in the men's locker room at the Clarence Town Pool.

Police say the mother also told lifeguards at the pool who attempted to locate a man matching the description offered by the boy, but they found no one.

As a result of this alleged incident, town of Clarence officials are requiring life guards to walk through the locker rooms during routine shift changes, as an added precaution.

State Police say they take the incident very seriously but at this time, have no suspects and are not releasing a description of a possible suspect.   Some parents in the town of Clarence have taken to the Internet to warn people about the alleged incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call the State Police in Clarence at (716) 759-6831.