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Back to School and the Need for Sleep | Families

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Back to School and the Need for Sleep
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Back to School and the Need for Sleep

Many students here in Buffalo and Western NY have already returned to school and some will return next week, parents will begin that all too familiar fight in the morning of rousing the sleeping. But is there science behind their need for more sleep. According to the Mayo Clinic yes there is a scientific explanation, not that children are pushing the boundaries of the rules.

Parents have you noticed that it seems your child has mood swings when they are tired? If your child isn’t getting enough sleep then those mood swings could be a direct result. There is more, sleep deprivation can have serious consequences, such as difficultly concentrating and learning, staying awake in class, and cause behavioral problems.

So as the school year approaches those early start times of many local Buffalo schools can be concerning for parents. WNY parents and students do have those exact concerns. One parent tells me that her son must now be up and at the bus stop at 6:45 am. If her child goes to bed at 11:00 and is up at 6am he is only getting 7 of the 9 recommended hours of sleep.

Check out the fullarticle to see what the research is saying and tips on how to help kids and their sleeping patterns.

Back to School and the need for sleep

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