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New Pre-Check Program for Airport Security Screening | News

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New Pre-Check Program for Airport Security Screening

Cheektowaga, NY - A new security screening program at Buffalo Niagara International Airport may save us from those trying moments like removing our shoes or belts.

It's something more of us may notice as we catch a flight soon or with the upcoming holiday travel frenzy.

Actually it's already at the Buffalo Niagara airport and today they invited us in to help publicize the Pre - check program.
Basically they're hoping to streamline the system with more advance information on a traveler's identification to avoid some of those cumbersome search routines like the shoe check, the belt and coat check and the examination of your laptop out of its case.

Some people,  ranging from frequent flyers invited by the airlines to take part, to people enrolled in border secure programs like NEXUS, to members of the armed forces, and passengers under 12 or over 75 years of age already qualify. 

TSA Buffalo Security Manager Rick DePietro says "No risk or low risk to aviation security. Because they're providing some information to their air carrier and the Secure Flight system takes that information, compares it to some data bases, and that's where we can get them into Pre - Check."

Deborah Didion and her husband from Cuba, Allegany County were enroute to Rome for a vacation. She says"Yes, they're  streamlining it a lot. But I'm OK for checking everything. That's fine with me. As long as they do it to everybody." 

The goal is to get about a quarter of the flying public to eventually be enrolled in the Pre-Check program so they can cut down on some of the lines at screening stations and just be more efficient with these pre-checks.

Eventually we can all apply to be in the Pre - Check program. The actual application process will start towards the end of the year. They will require a background check, fingerprints, and a fee of 85 dollars to cover a five year period. Even with this system, there may still be random checks of some passengers. But again it should speed things up at the airports. 


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