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Northtowns Pet Blog: Nine Signs of Grief in Cats | Pets

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Northtowns Pet Blog: Nine Signs of Grief in Cats
Northtowns Pet Blog: Nine Signs of Grief in Cats

Article from www.catster.com

For a long time, people believed that cats were loners who didn't need any other creatures in their lives. While some cats may be content living a solitary life, others form deep and lasting attachments to other cats and people. When a cat loses a friend, he can go through a grieving process just as real as any human's. Just as people have different ways of showing their grief, so do cats.

Here are a few typical reactions to grief:

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Change in eating patterns

  • Disinterest in playing

  • House-training mistakes

  • Excessive crying, meowing, or other vocalization

  • Loss of appetite, including refusal to eat

  • Repeatedly returning to locations where the lost companion used to spend time, or searching for the missing companion

  • Sitting silently, staring at the wall or out the window

  • Running away

The most important thing you can do to help your cat through his grief is to understand that he is grieving and support him through that process. Keep your routines such as feeding and grooming. Spend as much time with him as you can, and have friends the cat knows come over for visits and play with him. Give him something with the scent of the lost person or animal. Keep him company at mealtimes and make his meals extra-tasty. Most of all, do not get another cat right away; wait until both of you have processed your grief.

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