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Buffalo Seminary (Sem)
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Founded in 1851, Buffalo Seminary is an independent day and boarding school for college-bound girls. Commonly known as Sem, our school is located in the historic Elmwood Village neighborhood of Buffalo, New York.

Our mission is to educate college-bound young women from diverse backgrounds in a vigorous and participatory environment that emphasizes development of character, intellectual independence, creativity, service and leadership for life. Sem strives to make each girl proud of her ability to shape society rather than to be controlled by it and to awaken each student to the opportunities available to all women.

Young women today must be citizens of the world, and demonstrate a real understanding of the complex issues they will face. Students must become comfortable with diversity and learn to appreciate the differences in background, culture and viewpoints that enrich our planet. Sem has a long history of enrolling international students, and our residential program is designed for students beyond the greater Western New York community. In fact, we've expanded our reach to include students from other parts of New York State and the country, and from around the globe.

We're proud to host a variety of activities for the general public throughout the year, including special speakers, presentations and concerts.