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Protect Yourself From Rising Utility Rates with Solar Energy | Environment

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Protect Yourself From Rising Utility Rates with Solar Energy
Protect Yourself From Rising Utility Rates with Solar Energy

When’s the last time you took a long look at your electric bill? Between rising service fees and delivery fees, you’ll quickly discover one cold, hard fact: To the electric company, you’re a “rate payer,” not a valued customer.

“Like any other corporation, utility companies are bound by their investors to do everything they can to maximize profits,” said Alicia Uebelhoer, co-owner of Buffalo Solar Solutions Inc. “They are more than happy with the fact that you don’t understand what you’re paying for. And they are even happier that you don’t realize the truth.”

The truth is, that in many cases, customers of the electric utility companies are paying more for the delivery of their electricity than they are for the electricity itself. 

“One of our new customer’s recently reviewed their $167 monthly electric bill and discovered that their electrical usage for the month was just $72,” said co-owner Tyler Uebelhoer. “Incredibly, they had to pay nearly $95 for the delivery of the product. Unfortunately, many people don't realize they are being charged much more for the delivery of the electricity rather than what they are actually using, and over time this can really add up!” 

Customers making the switch to solar energy are discovering that they simply don’t need a utility company to produce — or deliver — their electricity. In fact, when the solar equipment has been paid off, the solar consumer is only responsible for paying a basic hook-up fee which is currently $15 to $17 a month.

“And when your solar panels generate more solar energy than you use, the excess electricity gets fed back into the utility grid, providing you with cumulative credits and providing your neighbors with renewable energy,” added Alicia. “With case studies showing that kilowatt hours will continue to rise year after year, and with more people turning to solar, the ‘rate payers’ who stick with the electrical companies will have to pick up the slack.” 

With Western New Yorker’s paying some of the highest energy rates in the nation, there’s never been a better time to go solar. For more information, please contact Buffalo Solar Solutions, located at 1212 Abbott Road, Suite A, Buffalo, at 800-7775. You can also visit the company’s website at www.buffalosolarsolutions.com or Facebook page for more information and frequent updates.

To view Buffalo Solar Solution’s recent blog titled “Utility Rates Just Keep Climbing,” please visit www.buffalosolarsolutions.com/utility-rates-just-keep-climbing. Representatives of Buffalo Solar Solutions will also be at the Buffalo Home Show March 10-12 at the Buffalo Niagara Convention Center to answer any questions you may have about going solar.




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