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Flood Information for Amherst Residents | Families

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Flood Information for Amherst Residents
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During this last rain event a lot of residents had issues with some level of flooding inside or around their home.  When the water table is high and the rainfall/snowmelt combination is high, water can get in your home through floor drains, toilets and washtubs.  Some residents fared well by having a stop flow valve previously installed in the line that runs out of their home. Some simply used a plug in the floor drain. This either eliminated or limited the back flow into their homes. For more specific information contact the Plumbing Division of our Building Department at 631-7088 or 631-7080.

In the event you come upon a flooded roadway DO NOT drive through it.  Do not go around Flooded Roadway Sign or barricaded roadway.  If you see a flooded-out street ahead, turn around and find another route for your destination.  

Please make sure any storm drains in the street in front of your home are clear from any packed snow so they can accept the rain.  If they are plugged and you try to clear any obstruction and they start taking water, the force of the flowing water can be extremely powerful.  Be proactive and check them before the water builds up in the street.

            If your basement becomes flooded and is impacting your utilities, (furnace, water tank, electrical outlets) call 911 for Fire Department assistance.  Do not try to go into a flooded basement to shut off utilities.  It can be a dangerous move. 

For updated emergency information please check:

1.      Emergency messages will be at the top of our  webpage – www.amherst.ny.us

2.      Facebook:  Town of Amherst Emergency Services

3.      Twitter:  AmherstEM

4.      To Report Flooded Streets:  Amherst:  631-7117

5.      If you have a sewer back up please call 631-7157 during regular business hours and 691-9776 after hours.

6.      Power Outages:  National Grid 1-800-465-1212

7.      Non-Emergency Information leave message at the Amherst Emergency Management Office 839-6707

8.      http://www.erh.noaa.gov/buf/ - Buffalo Office of the National Weather Service

Families, News, Weather

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