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iPhone Thefts at Clarence Restaurant Caught On Tape | News

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iPhone Thefts at Clarence Restaurant Caught On Tape

Clarence, NY - These days your smart phone is probably one of the most valuable items you have, and it is a major inconvenience if it is stolen.

Two co-workers at the Just Pizza Restaurant on Transit Road in Clarence found that out the hard way when their IPhones were stolen Saturday night.

There is also something helping the police with this case. The thefts were caught on tape which the employees provided to 2 On Your Side. The surveillance video shows one man taking her IPhone, and her co-worker's phone... Is less than four minutes, and all this happened while people were nearby.

The two employees were getting ready to close the restaurant for the night when a man wearing the baseball cap came in and ordered some food. Toni Cibella, an employee said after he placed an order the man walked over to the bar area where the first IPhone was taken.

The owner of that phone was watching a Sabres game, and had his back to this phone. The man pulled something out of his pockets and placed it on top of the phone. He then immediately put both items in his pocket.

A few minutes later, Cibella who was working the cash register walked away from her phone. The man who was now standing near her phone looked around,  and this time with what appeared to be the other IPhone, used it to cover Cibella's phone. He then put it into his pocket as well.

Cibella not only contacted the police, but 2 On Your Side as well saying, "I'm just hoping that somebody would recognize the guy. I mean its hard to see his face on our video but you could see like what he looks like of."

Cibella said both phones each cost over $700.

If you do recognize the man in the video, You can contact Crimestoppers at 867-6161. 


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